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  • Chocolate Mousse Cake!!

Happy Holidays

WOW! Less than 30 days till Christmas! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, filled with great food and surrounded by family. I went to my nephew’s house for family dinner. I adore my niece-in-law. She and I are very similar. Both rebels at heart, and she adores my nephew. What’s not to love about that!

It was their first Thanksgiving with the entire family at their house, and they did a fantastic job. The Chocolate Mousse Cake Kathryn made was out-of-this-world amazing!

Special Free Books Promo

Do love Christmas? All the decorations, the singing, and all the other wonderful things that go with the holidays?? Ok, so shopping might not be on the top of the list! *grin* BUT I’ve got something special for you that can be delivered to your inbox for 12 days straight. It’s the 12 Days of Christmas Promo. Just read the instructions in sidebar!


Before I forget (I almost did!) Be on the lookout for a Bonus FREE short holiday story coming your way in a week or so. I’ve had it done for a couple of years, but it’s so short I didn’t think I could do anything with it. But I then realized you might enjoy a short 12-page Christmas romance from me.

With the holidays fast approaching, I’m thinking about all that has to be done when it comes to food. This is a picture of our table from two years ago. We decorate everywhere, and the food that we have is surreal. Every year I try to scale back, and I wind up doing more!!

For example, on Christmas Eve, we just have appetizers instead of a meal. I do clam chowder, BBQ hotdogs, shrimp dip, feta cheese pastries, Dick Cavett dip, bacon wraps, and Sausalito dip, and cream puffs for dessert, plus my special punch.

Christmas Day, Baby, I or both of us are busying getting the evening meal ready. If anyone wants something to eat for lunch they’re only allowed in the kitchen for a short few minutes.

Our menu rarely changes from year to year. Traditions are important when it comes to food. We’ll have the proverbial turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans,  cranberry jello salad, dressing, carrots, macaroni salad, and I think I’m forgetting one dish! Oh right!! The homemade rolls! We also have homemade apple pie and pumpkin pie. In other words, we have a LOT of food, but we also don’t cook for the next two days.

So tell me what your holiday meals are like, I’ve opened up the page so you can comment below about what your meals and/or traditions are like over the holiday!



Reviews are beginning to come in for Redemption. If you’ve read the book, please take a moment and write a few lines. It helps raise the profile of the book.

A different twist on historical romance. This book has all the things I like in a historical novel: drama, danger, sensuality and love.

—Amazon reviewer, Nancy Perry Johnson

OMG, you will love this book

—Amazon reviewer, Joy Brown

SALE Ending 12/05

Redemption has been out for a couple of weeks now, and it goes off sale next week when it’s price will go up to $3.99

If you’ve not already bought your copy, be sure to get it before the price goes up.

Already read the book? Please consider leaving a review at your vendor of choice. If you prefer to leave your comments at more than one vendor. Thank you!


WARNING: One sexy male psychic known for taking risks falls for a woman with a questionable background. The Reckless Rockwoods never shy away from danger or a challenge. This Rockwood is no different as he plunges into danger to save the woman he loves and prove to her that she truly is redeemable.

As a Reckless Rockwood, Percy has a tendency to find himself in situations that aren’t good for his health. Unfortunately for him the an dara sealladh (the “sight”) showed him a beautiful pair of violet eyes that he found at the same moment he was shot. Left for dead, he survived the bullet and a year later meets Rhea Bennett and her violet eyes once more.

Her connection to the man responsible for his attempted murder makes him determined to find the bastard, but he’s even more resolved to save and protect the woman at the heart of the matter.

Sold into slavery at nineteen, Rhea Bennett escaped the horrors of prostitution and thievery, but there are children she knew during that dark time that need to be saved. Rhea’s rescue operation is well underway, but Percy Rockwood’s reappearance in her life is making matters difficult. Rhea never thought it possible to feel anything when a man touched her, but Percy is different. She feels things when he touches her. Emotions dangerous to her heart and soul, but even more dangerous for Percy if her enemies learn she cares for him.


Lady Quicksilver’s Society Tidbits

Dear Reader,

Good heavens, what a month of parties and dinner engagements. The Marlborough Set is already planning for the upcoming Christmas holiday season. I myself will be hosting a small, intimate dinner party for the Prince and Princess of Wales a two weeks before Christmas. There are so many arrangements to make

I have already secured the recipe for the prince’s favorite dessert, Crepes Suzette. In fact, it was Prince Edward himself who named the dish. It was created quite by mistake in 1895 at the Maitre at Monte Carlo’s Cafde Paris. A young apprentice by the name of Henri Charpentier was preparing the dish for His Royal Highness when the cordials caught on fire in the pan.

Mon Dieu, the poor boy was mortified, but a quick taste assured him it was quite edible. The prince found the dish delightful, and I am quite determined to ensure Prince Edward finishes off my meal with his favorite dessert. I requested Miss Burns include the recipe for you in this newsletter. It truly is delicious on the palette.

Lord Quicksilver and I have been invited to Polesden Lacey for the first week in December. I am quite excited to visit the home of The Honorable Ronald Greville, and his delightfully charming wife, Margaret, or Maggie as I call her.

Maggie is one of the Set’s most popular hostesses. She is extraordinary with selecting just the right dish for her guests or just the correct room assignments to allow for the, shall we say, the delicate liaison. That, fortunately, is something I’ve never had to contend with as Lord Quicksilver and I have eyes only for each other. That is a most unusual state of matrimony, and I consider myself extremely fortunate.

Oh dear, Cook has asked for me in the kitchen. Betsy, the downstairs maid indicated Mrs. Charrington has apparently discovered we are fresh out of the preserves Lord Quicksilver loves on his pork loin. We will have to find a substitute. My darling Hugh is not one to complain, but I know he was looking forward to this evening’s meal. I’m afraid I shall have to address the situation immediately.

However, before I close, I would like to wish you a Happy Christmas. Lord Quicksilver and I are especially excited for the holidays as our son will be bringing home a young lady to celebrate the holiday with us. It promises to be a lovely Christmas, and Lord Quicksilver and I wish you and yours the merriest of Christmases. Until next month, I remain your faithful servant,

Eleanor Rutland,
Viscountess Quicksilver

Newsletter-REcipeCorner Due to long recipes, and layout issues, I’ve chosen to provide you with downloadable files to review rather than typing out the recipes here on the page. Both of these recipes appear easy to make, and the effort is spread out over a period of time. AND OMG the cake…there are no words!!



Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

This delicious tasting cake is wonderful. As I said earlier, my niece Kathryn made this dish for Thanksgiving dessert. It’s rich, creamy, and chocolaty. The semi-sweet chocolate gives it just enough bite to it that it’s not too sweet on the tongue. I’m not a fan of mousse or desserts in general, but this cake is delicious.


Text —  MasterCook 1-4

MasterCook 5-9  —  MealMaster

Prince Edward’s Crepes Suzette

As Lady Quicksilver pointed out in her monthly column, this French dessert was created quite by accident. I’ve been to France, but never had this particular dessert. It sounds like I’ve been missing out!


Text —  MasterCook 1-4

MasterCook 5-9  —  MealMaster


November Giveaway

This month, I’m continuing the celebration of REDEMPTION’s release by giving away a signed copy of Dangerous, Book #2in The Reckless Rockwoods series.

Due to postage costs, print is limited to U.S. only. International winners will receive a digital copy of Dangerous.





Ophelia Bell

This month, Ophelia Bell is in the house talking about her new dragon series. In other words, there be dragons here! Welcome Ophelia, I’m so glad you could join me. So let’s find out more about you!

Monica: Could you tell us where you were born and what it was like growing up there?

Ophelia: I was born and grew up in the mountains in Western North Carolina. It was a very rural area and I spent a good part of my childhood tromping around in the woods, playing in creeks, picking blackberries in the fields. We had horses, and my best friend and I would constantly ride around the mountains on horseback, even in the middle of winter.

Some of my best memories are of riding up the snowy logging roads and our horses’ tracks being the first ones across the field of white, or when we’d pass down a narrow, evergreen-lined path and the snow would fall off onto my horse’s rump so she’d look like she was coated in powdered sugar. My horse was a huge palomino named Sahara. I learned to ride on her mother, another palomino names Suzy, when I was barely old enough to walk. Those were the days.

Monica: What is next for you book wise in 2016 and 2017?

I’ve just re-started a new series called “Immortal Dragons”, which takes place in the Sleeping Dragons world. The prequel, Dragon Betrayed is already published, and Book One is coming out in early December. I say “re-started” because I had originally published the first book, Dragon Blues, as a novella, and after the second book came out I had a revelation about the plot that required major rewrites. So, the new, novel-length version of Dragon Blues is on its way, and I’m completing changes to Book Two, Dragon Void. The third book is next on my agenda, and will hopefully come out in the spring.

Monica: What inspired you to write this new book/series?

Ophelia: The new series, “Immortal Dragons” is a follow-up to my first two series, “Sleeping Dragons” and “Rising Dragons.” In those two series, I make reference to a Dragon Council who make the laws for all the dragons in the books, and who aren’t exactly universally loved. It turns out the members of the Dragon Council – six immortal dragon siblings – have plenty of their own baggage and their own reasons for doing what they’re doing. But at the end of the day, their goals are very much aligned with the rest of their race: They do what they do to protect their children and any future generations of dragons. I decided to write this series to get a more personal look into what makes each of those six dragons tick. Belah’s relationship with this enemy is the subject of the “Immortal Dragons” prequel, Dragon Betrayed, but be warned, it does NOT have a happy ending and is probably the darkest story I’ve ever written.

teaser-dragonblues-sax-2 Monica: Tell us about your featured book.

Ophelia: The featured book, Dragon Blues is Book One in the “Immortal Dragons” series. It’s about Belah, the female blue dragon whose ancient love affair with a human man was instrumental in changing the world the dragons and other higher races live in. Belah has several dark secrets, and her old lover is only one, but maybe the biggest one when it comes to seeking out new mates. After losing Belah, her old lover became the dragons’ arch-enemy and has been capturing and killing not only the dragons, but also members of the other higher races, for thousands of years. Now that Belah has been sent a dream about a new fated mate she must seek out, she’s worried about how her new mate will respond to the news that she was probably instrumental in the creation of their mutual enemy.

Monica: This series is BDSM, correct? Can you tell readers a little more so they’ll know whether or not it’s a series they’ll enjoy reading.

Ophelia: Dragon Blues includes lighter BDSM (shibari bondage and hot wax are the extent of the BDSM in the sex scenes). The HEA is complicated… The relationship is largely resolved between the heroine and the two brothers who share the hero role, but there are still questions. They don’t use safe words because the heroine is immortal and there’s nothing she can’t handle, but I make a point in both books of emphasizing consent. Both are closer to dark erotica than romance, if I’m being completely honest.

Monica: What are you working on now? What else can readers look forward to from you this year?

Ophelia: In between my books, I like to write novellas and short stories that tie into my bigger series. I have plans to write a bunch this year about secondary characters in my books. So far I have two written: Red and White (they’re each about specific dragons of different colors). These first two books are about the parents of a few of the main characters in my ongoing series and how they got together. All these novellas are given away for free to my newsletter subscribers, and are great introductions to my series for the curious!

Dragon Blue Coming 12/06

One of six immortal dragons, Blue Dragon Belah seeks one more chance at love after a heartbreaking mistake that took millennia to recover from. Wary of venturing into the world again, she takes the chance, leaving her sanctuary to find a worthy mate among one of the dragons’ three sister races and hoping her dark secret won’t come back to haunt her.

Lukas and Iszak North have managed to stick to the fringes of the world for two hundred years. Plagued by regrets after their enemy murdered their sister decades earlier, they finally hope to find happiness when a beautiful female dragon walks into their lives. Their race of falcon shifters has only one mate for life—one look at Belah and both North brothers know she’s their One.

But Belah has more than one dark secret, and her quest goes far beyond simply finding love. She’s lost so much, but so have the two men who can’t help but love her. Centuries of buried animosity blaze forth when they learns Belah’s secrets, threatening to ruin the first true love the three of them have found in several lifetimes.

Coming 12/05


As always I found some books from other authors you might not know. All of these books have at least a 3.5 Star rating with 25 or more reviews on Amazon or Goodreads OR I happen to know the quality of the author’s work. NOTE: Just remember!! Unless otherwise stated, I’ve NOT read these books, so I can’t recommend them one way or another.

A Wager for the Widow

Historical Medieval Romance

“I suppose a kiss of gratitude is out of the question?”

Widowed Lady Eleanor Peyton has chosen a life of independence. Living alone on her rocky coastal outcrop, she’s cut herself off from the world of men—until William Rudhale saves her life and demands a kiss!

As steward to Lady Eleanor’s father, Will knows the desire he burns with is futile—but he’ll still wager he can claim Eleanor’s kiss by midwinter. Yet when the tide turns Will realizes vulnerable Eleanor is far too precious to gamble with. Can he win his lady before it’s too late?

1 Flame — 4.5 Stars

1 Flame — 5 Stars

The Bride’s Deception

Historical Western Romance

Escaping the outlaw who controlled her old life, Alayna Kimbal is determined to forge a new one. She answers a mail-order bride request and shoulders the job of wife and mother, each day hoping her lies and the identity of the man hunting her aren’t discovered.

US Marshal Jerome Riddick has never considered getting married until he inherits his best friend’s three children after she’s murdered. Struggling to care for her children and do his job, he takes a bride—only to find out she’s keeping a huge secret from him. A secret that could get them all killed.

DISCLAIMER: Heidi VanLandingham is a client in my marketing business. However, if I didn’t like this book, it wouldn’t be in the newsletter. I have a thing about ethics. That said, I’m extremely picky about books I read. If I say I like a good book, it’s a compliment of the highest order. I don’t hand them out all that often. I really enjoyed this book, and Historical Westerns are not a genre I generally read.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Luck. Lust. Love.

Wedding planner Isabel Ruiz is cursed. Her hometown of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico agrees, considering her tragic track record. Alone and loveless, she creates fairy tale weddings for others. Her only distraction? The occasional and anonymous fling. But to avoid further tragedy, her rule, one–night–only, is never broken…

Until Zack.

Self-made millionaire, the charmed Zackary James, is in town for his kid brother’s wedding, when a sudden spell of depression hits. Not even his two female companions hold any interest. Burned out by his fast and luxurious lifestyle? Stress? Genetics? No answers surface in his empty scotch glass.

Then he crashes into Isabel.

Tempting Isabel

Contemporary (Small Town) Romance


4 Flames — 4.5 Stars

She humbles and captivates him, reigniting his thirst for life. To his delight—and her dismay—they share a sensual connection over one mind-bending night. And now Zack must have her—to complete him. And Isabel must escape him—to save him.

A game of chase-catch-repeat builds to lust-turned-love. For Isabel, it’s fate’s cruelest joke. But Zack just won’t quit, positive he’s the cure to her curse. Can he convince her to risk everything with him? Or will everything go south…in paradise.

Available only on Amazon and in
Kindle Unlimited

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  1. On Christmas Eve I sing Midnight Mass in the choir at Church. Afterwards, we have light snacks, cookies and champagne. Christmas Day we go to our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter’s home where I cook dinner: ham, oven roasted rosemary potatoes, salad, green beans, cheddar biscuits, and cookies/pies/cake. Anywhere from 5 to 20 people, depending on who is in town, blending 5 families. LOVE IT!

  2. Oh that sounds wonderful, Karen! Rosemary potatoes! You need to send me the recipe. Click on the tiny envelope just under the main header at the top of the page. I hope your Christmas is awesome!

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