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Hair Like Cinderella Please
Pre-wedding Hiccups


Happy October everyone, and welcome to all my new subscribers. I’m thrilled that you signed up.

This issue is all about images as I’m sharing:

  • Wedding Photos
  • Redemption Cover Reveal
  • Lady Quicksilver Column
  • Two new recipes
  • New-To-You Author books
  • September Winner Announcement; AND
  • October Giveaway

Marie’s wedding was on the 8th of October, and it was lovely. The weather was almost perfect. Except for the somewhat breezy weather, it was a beautiful, sunny, fall day.

Her dream was to look just like Cinderella and she did! She wore a wedding dress from the Cinderella line of Disney wedding dresses and had her hair done up like Cinderella’s in the animated movie version, and a Disney theme was played throughout the entire reception.


Check out some engagement, rehearsal and wedding pictures to the right in the slider bar!



Congrats to Monica and Denise.

These two ladies won my September Birthday Giveaway with one digital copy each of FOREVER MINE.

I hope you both enjoy the read. FOREVER MINE is my favorite of all the books I’ve written.



One of the perks of the newsletter is that you’re the first to see, know, and read things. So feast your eyes on the cover for the 4th book in the Reckless Rockwoods series. I love what Viviana did with image of the couple. I think she would have changed the dress color is she thought she could have gotten away with it, but she knows I love the color teal. It’s a running joke with us! LOL

Percy Rockwood’s story is now in editing phase. Release date is set for 11/09. I thought the day after this “ridiculously crazy” election season would be the perfect release day. Everyone will be looking for something lovely to read to forget all the bitterness of the past several months.

I have to say that I really like this book. I think the characters are likeable and their relationship is complicated, yet sweet and tender.


 Read The First Four


Click here!



Lady Quicksilver’s Society Notes

 Dear Reader,

This month is quite light on news from among the Marlborough Set, a rather unusual happenstance. However, news regarding the marriage of one Lord S and Lady S has come to light. Apparently, some unknown incident has placed the newlyweds marriage hanging in the balance. Lord S has been residing for days in his club, the Belvedere. Lady S has taken refuge in her aunt’s house and is refusing all invitations. The poor dear is quickly becoming a recluse. I hope to have more to report next month. We can only hope that the terrible D word is not in the stars for these two newlyweds.

In the last month, I’ve been fortunate, or not depending on my stamina, to attend more than twenty soirees among the various members of the Marlborough Set.

I am a connoisseur of quality gowns, and there was no other modiste who could even begin to compare with the work from the House of Worth. It was a terrible blow to all of us who treasured Monsieur Fredrick Worth’s genius when the dear man departed this earth three years ago.

Fortunately, M. Worth’s sons have carried on the magnificent tradition of quality that was so key to their father’s success.


I cannot begin to count the number of compliments I received on this beautiful dress when I wore it to a theatrical benefit hosted by the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Until next month dear reader. when I shall have more news of the loves, scandals, life and death of the Marlborough Set.


OBSESSION is the very first full-length novel I ever wrote. It’s been referred to as a diamond in the rough with great sex. LOL It might not be my best work, but it is a great story!

Despite it’s cliches, angsty inner thoughts, and society rules bent in every direction, Sebastian is a hero you can fall in love with, and Helen’s stubborn, strong-willed nature brings Sebastian’s well-controlled world down around his ears.

As Book #1, Helen & Sebastian’s story kicks off the Reckless Rockwoods series. While every book in the Reckless Rockwoods series is a stand-alone book, it’s always nice to get to know people from the beginning.

That’s why I decided to do a unique giveaway to celebrate the upcoming release of REDEMPTION, which is Book #4 in the series and the story of Sebastian’s youngest brother Percy.

Soooo, here’s the awesome giveaway!! A digital copy of OBSESSION is available for free to the FIRST 300 Subscribers ONLY who click on the link to the right.

It’s first-come, first-serve. Once these 300 copies are gone, there will be no more free copies. So, if you’ve not read OBSESSION and you want to read it for free, now’s the time to grab a copy.






Once they’re gone, they’re gone.



This month I’m sharing two different recipes, one is a “new” family favorite, Stuffy’s Sandwiches a copycat recipe for a local sandwich shop. The second one is a donut recipe that was my paternal Great-Grandmother’s recipe. They’re both delicious!! Check out the website for the recipes and download for your software.

Stuffy’s Sandwiches Grandma Weissenborn’s Donuts
These sandwiches, although messy are delicious. They’re based off a chain of restaurants that use to be here in the Richmond area. The chain was sold off, and the sandwiches aren’t the same, but these homemade ones are pretty close to what we could get years ago.

1 package Pita bread
1 pound Hard Salami
1 pound Virginia Baked Ham
1 package Provolone cheese
1 each Tomato
1 each Onion
Shredded lettuce
1 jar Hot and Sweet Peppers
Red wine vinegar
Olive Oil

1. Slice Pita Bread in half or cut off the top if small sized bread. Slather the inside with mayonnaise. On a cutting board layer two slices of Virginia Baked Ham, Three to four slices of salami and one slice of cheese.

2. Carefully insert meat and cheese into the pita bread. Add a slice of onion and tomato.

3. Add a little bit of shredded lettuce. Add as much hot and sweet peppers you like and/or what it will hold.

4. The next two steps are best to do over the sink. Salt and pepper to taste over the meat.

5. Pour about two tablespoons of olive oil into the pita pocket; now add red wine vinegar. You can add a little just for flavor or you can make it so the pita bread is slightly soaked.


Text —  MasterCook 1-4

MasterCook 5-9  — MealMaster

1 cup Mashed potatoes
1 tsp Baking powder
1 1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 tsp Baking soda
2 Eggs, beaten
1 pk Yeast
1 cup Oleo
3 1/2 cup Warm milk
1 Tbs Salt
Mix potatoes, oleo, sugar, and salt together. Add yeast to lukewarm milk.Mix liquid with dry ingredients.Add 2 cups of flour, baking soda, baking powder and eggs and beat well. Add 2 more cups of flour. Knead.Let rise until double. Punch down and roll out. Cut out donuts and fry. Add one tsp vinegar to each cup of fat when frying to keep donuts from being too greasy.Servings: 12


Text —  MasterCook 1-4

MasterCook 5-9  —  MealMaster

This is an old picture of my great-grandmother (my dad’s grandmother). She lived to be in her 90s.

My Great-Grandmother Weissenborn
New Authors


I’ve been swamped this month with all kinds of things, and I failed to grab an author for the monthly spotlight. BUT, Kelly McClymer asked if I would share her new book release, The Next Best Bride with everyone.

It’s just .99¢ for a short time, and I thought you all might be interested. The premise certainly is intriguing, don’t you think?!


Rand Mallon, Earl of Dalby, is an unrepentant rake in need of an heir and two weeks away from his wedding day when his fiance informs him that she intends to jilt him. Desperate, he is willing to consider her twin sister as his next best option.

Helena Fenster has her reasons for agreeing to her twin sister’s audacious plan to switch places. The earl has made it clear he doesn’t care which twin goes to the altar with him, and plans to allow his wife her freedom once he has his heir. Unfortunately, the plan get complicated when love begins to blossom in two unwilling hearts.

New Authors
As always I found some books from other authors you might not know. All of these books have at least a 3.5 Star rating with 25 or more reviews on Amazon or Goodreads OR I happen to know the quality of the author’s work.

The best way to make your buying decision is to read the reviews, if there are a lot of top rated reviews, and the book looks interesting to you, odds are you’re going to enjoy the book. NOTE: Just remember!! I’ve NOT read these books, so I can’t recommend them one way or another. I’m simply acting as the “middle man” between you and other authors. Helping people out is a part of my life’s journey.


Madeline is determined to avoid marriage to the notorious mercenary Rhys FitzHenry. She flees but he pursues her then courts her with whimsical stories, which she soon realizes reveal the deepest secrets of this taciturn warrior. She loses her heart to him, against all expectation, only to have Rhys’ past threaten his future. Madeline takes a leap of faith. She dares to believe him innocent — and risks her own life to pursue a passion more priceless than the rarest gem.

§  §  §

“[A] fast paced, dramatic adventure. Filled sensual tension, danger, suspense, and the romance that is medieval Scotland. Well written with engaging characters and an intriguing storyline. I would highly recommend this title for your reading pleasure!” –My Book Addiction and More

#1 Kindle Bestseller


“A lyrical medieval-era romance!”
Publishers Weekly


300-350 Reviews



white_furys-kiss FURY’S KISS

She has an ancient Greek Fury in her head, a killer on her heels, and a man with demons of his own by her side. Tara Walker’s life will never be the same again!

§  §  §

“I cannot wait to see what this series brings us next. It was one helluva ride and an amazing debut for Nicola White.” – Bookworm Betties

§  §  §

Winner of the 2016 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize!

25-50 Reviews





There is a certain gorgeous lord who is quite difficult to resist…

To save her cousin, Aimee de Miran must retrieve a jeweled ring from the most sinfully seductive man at court, the unsuspecting Marquis de Nattes. But to search his considerable wardrobe she’ll have to get very close to the notorious rake…and remain immune to his intoxicating charm.

But without his clothes–well, that’s simply impossible.

Adam de Vey, Marquis de Nattes, has secretly burned for his best friend’s wife for years. Now that Aimee is a widow, now that he’s discovered her in his bedchambers, he intends to get very close to her indeed–with his clothes–and hers–utterly forgotten…

***Originally published in



Inspired by the tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes, a hot historical romance novella from the acclaimed Fiery Tales series that would have made Hans Christian Andersen blush.



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